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InsideSources / NH Journal Get Lewandoski Quote re: Vote Adjustments Poll

New Poll Gives Lewandowski Big Lead in NH GOP Senate Primary

A new poll of New Hampshire GOP primary voters gives former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski a 20-point lead in the Republican U.S. Senate primary even before he announces his candidacy. It also reflects the emerging view among GOP observers that he would be the prohibitive favorite if and when he enters the race.

“Our core finding is that Corey Lewandowski has a strong base near 30 percent and is most certainly the frontrunner as of today,” the political firm Vote Adjustments, LLC said in a statement. “What is surprising is the number of people who without prompting know Lewandoski’s name and his strong association with President Trump.”

“These poll numbers are very humbling. I am grateful for the support of the people of N.H. and further encouraged to enter the Senate race,” Lewandowski told NHJournal.

While Lewandowski has yet to formally announce his decision about possible Senate bid, three other Republicans are already in the race: retired Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc, attorney Corky Messner and former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien.

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